5 Quarterback Options For the New York Jets

Stephen Douglas
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

The New York Jets need a quarterback. Sam Darnold is probably out until sometime in October with mono. On Monday night against the Browns, short-term starter Trevor Siemian suffered a season-ending leg injury. Now the Jets are down to 3rd stringer Luke Falk. Less than a week ago he was on the practice squad. Less than a week from now he'll have to start against the New England Patriots in Foxboro.

The Jets are in a weird spot. They have a starter, but he's out for a few more weeks. Even if Darnold comes back in a few weeks, they probably aren't sure they want Falk as their primary backup. So what do they do?

Colin Kaepernick - As usual, this is the name that makes the most sense for any team looking for a capable pro with experience and skill. Also as usual, he probably won't even get a phone call. Signing Kaepernick would probably end Sam Darnold's time as a starter this season.

Tim Tebow - He has a history with the Jets, though that was back in 2012 when Rex Ryan was the coach. He's been out of the league since 2015 and playing a different sport since 2016. Still, could he be that much worse than Luke Falk? Well, yeah, but some team in the New York metropolitain area is going to put Tim Tebow on a professional sports field in the next couple years whether it makes sense or not. Why not the Jets?

Eli Manning - He just lost his job. He wouldn't have to move. He could still help mentor a young quarterback this season. The only problem is that Eli probably wants to play for a team that will compete for the playoffs. The Jets are not that.

Josh McCown - Now 40-years old, McCown is currently backing up Carson Wentz in Philadelphia. He started 3 games for the Jets last year and they lost them all. I'm sure Adam Gase could get just as much out of McCown as Todd Bowles did.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Currently starting for the Dolphins, he's always one good practice away from getting traded. Why not bring back the Fitzmagic to East Rutherford?