5 NFL Teams That Should Legitimately Sign Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout
Colin Kaepernick NFL Workout / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

We know, you're probably tired of hearing about it. But the NFL kind of forced our hand when they arranged a private workout for Colin Kaepernick. While Kaepernick's party held their own workout session instead due to a dispute with the NFL over location and media availability, at least eight teams showed up, and the 32-year-old former quarterback showed that he still had some talent left in his body. Here are five teams in the quarterback-driven league that could desperately use some of that talent.

1. Chicago Bears
It's no secret that the Bears have problems on offense. Mitch Trubisky has struggled in the opening stages of his career, and has actively held back a team that is in the thick of the NFC North title race thanks only to its top-five defense. Signing the 32-year-old Kaepernick would be a stop-gap solution, but at least it would be something of a solution.

2. Cincinnati Bengals
The Andy Dalton era in Cincinnati appears to be over, and the Bengals look lost and confused with a 0-9 record. Next year promises plenty of quarterback talent available in the NFL Draft, and the Bengals look to be at the forefront to potentially pick up Joe Burrow or another ace passer to replace Dalton. Still, whoever is next in line could use a veteran mentor and Kaepernick gets a chance to start right away.

3. Miami Dolphins
This season has been brutal for the Fins. The last two weeks have provided hope, but nonetheless, quarterback is still a problem position for the Dolphins. Their most reliable option at the moment is 36-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick, who may not last another season. Behind him is Josh Rosen, who has shown potential to succeed in the NFL, but is still a work in progress and can only grow so quickly in a system as dysfunctional as Miami's. Kaepernick could at least serve as Rosen's mentor, and when worse comes to worse, could step in and serve Miami as an extra arm.

4. Washington Redskins
The Redskins are in quarterback hell. Interim head coach Bill Callahan practically had to be pushed into starting rookie Dwayne Haskins, a passer whose readiness he publicly questioned, in place of concussed regular starter Case Keenum. Neither quarterback has impressed this season - the team's passer rating is 9.6 points lower than the league average - which may explain why the Redskins were one of the eight teams that personally attended Kaepernick's workout.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers
Plenty of heads were scratched when the Steelers neglected to sign Colin Kaepernick and stayed pat on their desperately-thin quarterback rotation after Ben Roethlisberger went down with a season-ending elbow injury. Now the Steelers unexpectedly find themselves in the playoff hunt with a relatively easy schedule (minus a game with the red-hot Ravens) ahead, but nothing is guaranteed. After a Thursday night loss in which current starting quarterback Mason Rudolph nearly had his head caved in with his own helmet, Pittsburgh has an extended week to decide whether to bolster their quarterback corps.