5 NFL Picks Against the Spread

By Jason McIntyre

The bad news: These picks went 2-3 last week. The Redskins and Bears were in the thick of it at halftime and the end of the 3rd quarter, but folded late. It happens. Noah also went 2-3.

The good news: After making these picks, I looked further into the games, made a few adjustments and went 4-1 in the Supercontest. I’m tied for 2nd with about a thousand other people. I’m also tied for 2nd in the Oddsharks contest with a handful of others.

Week 2 is often dubbed “Overreaction Week” in the NFL because everyone makes picks based on what happened in Week 1. The Titans won big? Oh, they’ll kill the Browns in Cleveland! The Rams beat the Seahawks? They’ll stomp the Redskins! As we saw with the Chiefs Thursday night at home … be careful.

Use these trends from Oddsshark.