4 Trade Destinations for Patrick Peterson

Liam McKeone

Star Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson caused quite the commotion earlier this week when he posted a photo of himself and his old teammates following a report from Antonio Bryant that Peterson was headed to the Chiefs. This report was quickly shot down, but Yahoo’s Charles Robinson believes Peterson will be moved on draft day. If the Cardinals are really shopping Peterson, these four teams should try to land him immediately.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers have a nice collection of young talent in their defensive backfield, but they also have two first-round picks and have made it clear they plan to maximize the next few years. Peterson would be a step in that direction; he’s no longer the All-Pro he once was, but he’s still better than any other corner in Wisconsin right now, and would provide a good mentor for the kids. A first-rounder is a steep price, but if that’s all it would take, it would be worth it. This is the type of move a team with Aaron Rodgers should be making.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders seem committed to competing in the near future, and Peterson would join Antonio Brown as their two star offseason additions. There would be cap gymnastics to undergo to get Peterson in with Brown and Carr’s contracts, for sure. But the Raiders have a huge hole at the corner position and a plethora of draft picks they can sacrifice for Peterson. He’d bring swagger and skill to a unit that simply must get better, and Jon Gruden would surely love him.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have every piece that makes up an elite defense… except for a top-notch cornerback. Peterson would thrive in Pittsburgh’s aggressive system, and his ballhawking skills would be put to great use in tandem with the ferocious pass rush. They have a smattering of mid-round picks from the Brown trade that could be combined to make for a decent package, and turning a malcontent receiver into the final piece of your defense isn’t the worst outcome in the world.

New England Patriots

An unhappy, talented veteran who’s under contract for two years and wants out? That’s Bill Belichick’s music! Peterson’s contract will need some reworking to fit with New England, but they’re perfectly set up to acquire Peterson thanks to six picks in the Top 100 of this year’s draft. Peterson would give the Pats a dangerous combination on the back end to further maximize the last years of Tom Brady’s career. New England wouldn’t go for it unless the price was lower than what Arizona will be expecting, but crazy things can happen on draft night.