4 Trade Destinations for Josh Rosen

Bobby Burack

With the increasing buzz that the Arizona Cardinals will select Kyler Murray first overall, it is beginning to feel more and more likely Josh Rosen will be traded. And according to Peter King, a third-round pick is what Rosen’s trade value is, though all it takes is one team to pay more.  

Here are the four teams that should make the move for Josh Rosen:

Washington Redskins

If you are looking for betting advice, look no further. The Redskins are reportedly the most likely trade destinations for Rosen. With Alex Smith’s unfortunately uncertain future, taking a chance on Rosen is the team’s best option. Even with a less-than-flashy cast of characters, the always inconsistent NFC East will give Washington every chance to win it over the next few years if they can get their quarterback right. Rosen is a better option than what they can get in the draft and the 46th overall pick should be dangled for him.

New England Patriots

Oh, this would be so Bill Belichick. If Belichick strikes you, too, as the type of person who wants to win without Tom Brady, this is the move to be made. Brady’s time is limited, and the Patriots system is too good to result in the team ever getting a high draft pick even post-Brady. After trading away Jimmy Garoppolo, New England’s smartest route is to acquire Rosen at his current rumored value.

And, yes, it is easy to look into the future and see this being the steal of the decade. Ugh.

New York Giants

At some point, the Giants must move on from Eli Manning. If they are not going to draft his replacement in the first round this year, then there is no better option than Rosen. If Rosen can handle the New York media – and the cold – the Giants should be at the top of his wish list, as well. Handing off for the next half decade to soon-to-be best running back in the NFL Saquon Barkley should be something every young quarterback stays up late and wishes for. If the Giants were to make this happen, they must keep Odell Beckham Jr. to give Rosen that lethal weapon he will need to succeed.

Pittsburgh Steelers

If the Steelers want to get effectively ahead of the chapter that reads after Ben Rothlisberger, this makes too much sense. A trade that would send troubled wide receiver Antonio Brown to the Cardinals has been written about. But with the new reported value of Rosen, the Steelers may be better off pulling off two separate trades. Rosen could use a year or two of watching and learning and in Pittsburgh, he would be able to do just that. The potential roadblock here is if the Steelers look at Mason Rudolph as that guy.