30-Year-Old Kevin Durant Is Not Signing With the Knicks According to 28-Year-Old Kevin Durant


Successful people are often asked what piece of advice they would offer a younger version of themselves if they could. But the inverse question may be more meaningful to Kevin Durant.

In a rediscovered video that’s apparently from a few years ago, Durant was asked by a fan on the street when he was signing with the Knicks. KD’s response in 2017 left no room for interpretation for KD in 2019.


There have been rumors this season that Durant does have some interest in signing with the Knicks alongside Kyrie Irving this offseason. Those rumors have also been contradicted by other rumors that say he has no interest playing for the Knicks.

Perhaps this is an internal struggle waging between 28-year-old Kevin Durant and 30-year-old Kevin Durant?

Durant has a player option to opt out of his two-year, $61.5 million contract with the Warriors and become a free agent this summer. He’s expected to exercise that option and become the top free agent on the market. But if the two-time NBA Finals MVP winds up signing with Knicks this offseason, his younger self will probably be disappointed.