6 Potential NFL Coaching Vacancies After the 2020 Season

Stephen Douglas
Bill Belichick after a regular season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins.
Bill Belichick after a regular season-ending loss to the Miami Dolphins. / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Black Monday 2019 seemed relatively quiet as only a couple coaches were officially fired on Monday morning. Even the most high-profile "firing" was just Jason Garrett reportedly being told he probably wouldn't get a new contract. Will Black Monday 2020 bring more vacancies? Here are six jobs that just might be up for grabs depending on how next season works out for everyone.

New York Jets
Adam Gase went 7-9 in his first season as Jets coach, and endeared himself to no one other than his bank account. The offense stunk, but the Jets' record improved. If he doesn't make the playoffs next season, he'll be fired on Black Monday. If he even makes it the entire season.

Cleveland Browns
The last seven Cleveland Browns coaches have lasted an average of 1.5 seasons. The last Browns coach to have what you might consider a "tenure" is Romeo Crennell, who lasted four full seasons. Whoever the Browns hire this offseason will probably not be able to fix Baker Mayfield or reign in Odell Beckham Jr.

Vegas Raiders
Is there anything more Vegas than getting off the plane with a pocket full of cash and optimism and then leaving a few days later with nothing? That's the Raiders if Jon Gruden can't get the team into the playoffs in his third season as a $100 million man.

Los Angeles Chargers
Anthony Lynn is one year removed from a 12-win season so he couldn't be fired after going 5-11. But next year? After Philip Rivers is gone and Chargers fans continue to disappear? Lynn will have to shoulder the blame and look for a new job.

New England Patriots
Obviously, this one is all Bill Belichick's decision. He turns 68 in April. Tom Brady might have retired or improbably went elsewhere. By this time next year the Patriots might have won a Super Bowl or missed the playoffs. We all know Belichick can continue to win AFC East titles until he's 100, but does he really want to? The man must have picked up a hobby by now. Is there nothing else he can do to entertain himself? Josh McDaniels is the heir apparent, but what if he takes another job this offseason?

Jacksonville Jaguars
Doug Marrone has gone 11-21 since losing to the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game. The only thing that can raise expectations more than a deep playoff run is a mustachio'd quarterback with a full offseason of "best shape of his life" profiles. If Jacksonville doesn't start to turn it around next year, Marrone will be the one to take the blame.