Best Landing Spots for Top 2020 NFL Free Agent Quarterbacks

Free agent QBs Drew Brees and Dak Prescott
Free agent QBs Drew Brees and Dak Prescott / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

This year's free agent quarterback class could drastically alter the landscape of the league as we currently know it. Tom Brady might not be in a Patriots uniform. Philip Rivers will definitely not be in a Chargers uniform. Times: They are a'changin.

Here are the best landing spots for the biggest names on the QB free agent market this offseason.

Tom Brady -- Tennessee Titans

If Brady does leave New England, the Titans are best constructed to give him what he's looking for in a new home, as my coworker Bobby Burack wrote last month. Their offensive line is great, the run game is elite, and the defense did just enough to get the job done last year with a lot of room for improvement this year. The young pass-catching talent in Tennessee is already far enough along that Brady won't have to deal with the learning curve he hates oh-so-much.

Dak Prescott -- Dallas Cowboys

Prescott is very unlikely to leave Dallas, and they represent the best fit for his talents anyway. He had the best year of his career under OC Kellen Moore, who will be returning under new head coach Mike McCarthy. He's extremely effective out of the play-action and Dallas owns one of the most dangerous run games in the league. The Cowboys are heavily invested in the weapons around him.They also don't have a backup plan that makes sense. This is great if you're a Cowboys fan, and almost as great if you're a Cowboys hater, because both parties get to watch Jerry Jones hand Prescott a fat stack of cash that will make their cap situation even more difficult.

Drew Brees -- Broadcast

Brees definitely still has something left in the tank, but last year felt like his best chance to win a second ring and ride off into the sunset. Michael Thomas broke records as his No. 1 wide receiver. Brees was protected by two All-Pro tackles who were healthy all season. The defense came together in the second half of the year and had elite playmakers with Cameron Jordan and Marshon Lattimore. Yet they still lost, at home, to a talented but clearly flawed Minnesota Vikings team in the playoffs. It's hard to see this team building on a 13-3 season. It's time for Brees to take his talents to the bird's-eye camera and become the next Tony Romo or even on a pregame show like Terry Bradshaw.

Ryan Tannehill -- Indianapolis Colts

With his starting spot in Tennessee taken by a certain Tom Brady, Tannehill goes to another AFC South team to ride the wave of his remarkable comeback season. The Colts aren't sold on Jacoby Brissett, and Tannehill's skillset will open up Frank Reich's offense a bit more in 2020. Indy doesn't need a massive upgrade at QB to be competitive, and Tannehill would give them enough juice to dream of playoff contention, and more.

Teddy Bridgewater -- New England Patriots

Bridgewater is the best option on the open market if the Patriots do lose Brady. He's a pocket passer who threw for 1,384 yards and nine touchdowns with only two picks in the five games he started in relief of Drew Brees. The Saints seem sold on Taysom Hill, so they'll let Bridgewater walk to New England. The former Louisville star would represent the smoothest transition for the Patriots' offense after moving on from their longtime signal-caller.

Philip Rivers -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Rivers moved his family to Florida, and the Bucs are the team that makes the most sense from both a personnel and geographic perspective. They're loaded with weapons offensively and employ Bruce Arians, noted quarterback guru. They have a need at quarterback with Jameis Winston hitting free agency. It's an ideal place for Rivers to try and compete in the twilight of his career.

Jameis Winston -- Carolina Panthers

The Bucs landed Rivers, so the Panthers decide to give a one-year prove-it deal to a former divisional foe. Winston clearly has the talent to be a starter (see: 30 touchdown passes) but there's still a lot of work to be done before he can be considered a good one (see: 30 interceptions). Carolina will likely be in a bridge year in 2020 if they decide to move on from Cam Newton; they aren't well-situated to land one of the top QB prospects in this draft, and don't have an heir apparent in the wings. Winston has a year to prove himself, and Rhule gets a year to acclimate to the NFL without having to outright tank with Will Grier or Kyle Allen at the helm.

Case Keenum -- Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are a lame franchise that does lame things. Thus, it would make perfect sense for them to replace their franchise quarterback with perennial average-at-best quarterback Case Keenum. Keenum looked good at times in the last two seasons at Washington, but everyone knows by now he tops out at mediocre. The franchise can use him to maintain the illusion of competitiveness while plotting to take Trevor Lawrence or another top QB prospect in 2021.

Marcus Mariota -- XFL

Mariota's stock as a starter took a big hit when the Titans went on a run that ended deep in the playoffs after he was replaced by Tannehill. What better way to raise his stock back up than owning lesser competition in a lesser league? If Mariota doesn't want to be a backup and teams decide to take chances on younger quarterbacks, this move makes sense. Not as much sense as signing a wealthy deal for millions to play only in case of emergency, but if Mariota wants to raise his stock as quickly as possible, this is the optimal route.