2016 College Football Predictions From The Big Lead


The college football season begins in earnest tonight (yeah, we know there was one game in Australia). Here are our staff picks on some of the bigger topics.

Four Playoff Teams

Duffy: Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Washington

Koster: Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Michigan State

Shamburger: Alabama, Clemson, Michigan State, Stanford

McIntyre: Michigan, Clemson, Tennessee, LSU

Glasspiegel: Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State, Stanford

Phillips: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Stanford

Lisk: Alabama, Florida State, Michigan, Stanford

Power 5 Conference Champions

Duffy: Florida State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Washington, Alabama

Koster: Clemson, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Alabama

Shamburger: Clemson, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Stanford, Alabama

McIntyre: Clemson, Michigan, Oklahoma, Stanford, Tennessee

Glasspiegel: Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, LSU

Phillips: Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford, Alabama

Lisk: Florida State, Michigan, Oklahoma, Stanford, Alabama

Heisman Trophy Winner

Duffy: Dalvin Cook

Koster: Baker Mayfield

Shamburger: Deshaun Watson

McIntyre: Christian McCaffrey

Glasspiegel: Deshaun Watson

Phillips: Christian McCaffrey

Lisk: Christian McCaffrey

Biggest Surprise Team

Duffy: Washington

Koster: Michigan State, UCLA

Shamburger: Florida

McIntyre: Louisville, Iowa

Glasspiegel: Wisconsin

Phillips: Michigan State

Lisk: Oregon

Biggest Disappointment

Duffy: UCLA

Koster: Tennessee

Shamburger: Texas

McIntyre: Alabama

Glasspiegel: Michigan

Phillips: Tennessee

Lisk: Notre Dame

First Power 5 Coach Fired

Duffy: Kevin Sumlin

Koster: Steve Addazio

Shamburger: Charlie Strong

McIntyre: Kevin Sumlin

Glasspiegel: Kevin Sumlin

Phillips: Kevin Sumlin

Lisk: Darrell Hazell

Best Job Available After 2016

Duffy: LSU

Koster: Auburn

Shamburger: Texas

McIntyre: Auburn

Glasspiegel: Texas A&M

Phillips: Texas

Lisk: LSU

Coach On The Hot Seat After 2016

Duffy: Jim Mora

Koster: Bret Bielema

Shamburger: Les Miles

McIntyre: Brian Kelly

Glasspiegel: Bret Bielema

Phillips: Les Miles

Lisk: Gus Malzahn


Tom Herman Will Be The Head Coach of X in 2017

Duffy: Texas A&M

Koster: Houston

Shamburger: Houston

McIntyre: Texas A&M

Glasspiegel: Texas A&M

Phillips: Texas A&M

Lisk: LSU


Biggest Upset of the 2016 College Football Season

Duffy: NDSU over Iowa

Koster: Georgia Tech over Clemson

Shamburger: Miami over Florida State

McIntyre: Florida over Florida State

Glasspiegel: Wisconsin over Ohio State

Phillips: USC over Alabama

Lisk: Nebraska over Ohio State