2015 College Football Playoff Staying on New Year's Eve

By Jason McIntyre

The 2015 College Football playoff schedule is out, and surprise! The suits won’t move the most important bowl games off of New Year’s Eve.

If you’ve gotta work a half day on New Year’s Eve, you may want to try and lock that up as a vacation day. Here’s the December 31st bowl lineup:

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Thursday, Dec. 31
Noon Peach Bowl
4 pm College Football Playoff Semifinal
8 pm College Football Playoff Semifinal

And then New Year’s Day:

Fri., Jan. 1
1 pm Fiesta Bowl
5 pm Rose Bowl
8:30 Sugar Bowl

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Best I can tell, this will be the 1st time in modern college football history that games on December 31st carry significantly more value than New Year’s Day bowl games. Don’t get me wrong, people will still watch New Year’s Day bowl games – there’s nothing else on TV, it’s a national holiday, most stores are closed – but their importance will be next-to-nothing.

People will still be buzzing about the semifinal games – especially if they were as crazy as Oregon’s rout of Florida State and Ohio State’s upset of Alabama last season – and thinking about the National Championship.

Fans will be watching the New Year’s Day games with one eye, while breaking down the Championship game – storylines, matchups, gambling lines – with the other.

This has to be the last year college football does this, right?