2012 NFL Mock Draft: Let The Commenters Decide!


Browns fans will be happy to know that our mock draft followed 2007, when the Browns had an early pick, some thought Brady Quinn was in play, but they went with the safer elite play with Joe Thomas. Then, Miami was absolutely going to take the quarterback, until they took a wide receiver, and Quinn fell all the way to #22.

#1 INDIANAPOLIS COLTS–Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford. Andrew Luck is perhaps the lone prospect since Manning who might make the two-win season it took to potentially draft him palatable. Luck is accurate, expert at audibling and in total command before the snap. In short, he’s Manning 2.0. You know, if Manning were athletic. (BSanders)

#3 MINNESOTA VIKINGS–Matt Kalil, OT, USC. The Vikings suck. Everyone knows this. Last year they surprised many fans (looks in mirror) by drafting Christian Ponder with the 12th overall pick in the draft. Problem is, Ponder and Adrian Peterson, aka, the entire offense, played behind an awful O-Line all last year, at least, until Peterson destroyed his knee last Christmas Eve.  Kalil should help stabilize the O-Line instantly, giving Ponder much needed help on his blind side. (Ark Badger)

#4 CLEVELAND BROWNS–Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama. Richardson is the pick as he’s an elite talent at a position of need.  Claiborne is intriguing to pair with Haden and Blackmon is an elite WR but doesn’t give the Browns a needed deep threat.  Trading down is a viable option, however. (Spencer096)

#5 TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS–Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU. Plenty of needs for TB, but none more than CB. Especially in a division with Paddy Ice. [ed. note: Brees and Newton too] (Babar)

#6 ST. LOUIS RAMS– Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State. This is obviously the best possible scenario for the Rams: they were able to get a massive package (TWSS) of picks to move down and they still get the guy they really wanted.  Blackmon won’t immediately transform the offense like a Calvin Johnson, but he’s a step in the right direction. (Roarke49)

#7 JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS– Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa. In the absence of the ability to trade down the Jaguars attempt to shore up the offensive line. Gene Smith and Mike Mularkey have put all their eggs in the Blaine Gabbert basket and so decide to provide protection for the young quarterback. The Jaguars front office debated the merits of selecting Michael Floyd WR – Notre Dame to provide Gabbert a weapon in the passing game or a DE to add to an already strong defense but elected to go offensive line with the selection. (Geeezeus)

#9 CAROLINA PANTHERS–Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State. Panthers total defense was atrocious in 2011, ranking 28th. Cammy Cam fixed the offense, so time to address the defense with Fletcher Cox, the best available player at a position of need. Why not add a bookend to compliment Charles Johnson by drafting Melvin Ingram? Because Terrell McClain was bad . . . very, very bad. Cox gives the Panthers a force in the middle to help stop the run, and the option to play multiple positions on the line. (GloriousMullet with no space)

#10 BUFFALO BILLS–Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford. Buffalo addressed its defensive line issues in free agency by signing Mario Williams and Mark Anderson. With those free agents, Kyle Williams, and Marcel Dareus, Buffalo has created what could be the best front four in the league in 2012.  The Bills must now bolster the protection for Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Martin was great protecting Andrew Luck and should improve an OL that wore out halfway through the season, allowing sacks that cause the Amish Rifle a rib fracture. The addition of Martin would also create more space for Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller to run free. (A.P.)

#11 KANSAS CITY CHIEFS–Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College. The Chiefs have done a solid job filling holes and adding depth in free agency. They would like to upgrade other positions (QB, DT), but there’s little value there and they’ve been mediocre at the other inside linebacker spot next to Derrick Johnson for years. Kuechly should be a solid player for a long time, and could be a defensive standout to go along with Tamba Hali, Johnson, Brandon Flowers, and Eric Berry. (Daniel Stave)

#12 SEATTLE SEAHAWKS–Quenton Coples, DE, North Carolina. Seahawks wanted MLB Luke Keuchly from BC to fill the void left by departed free agent David Hawthorne.  Left without that option, the Seahawks decide to bolster their promising young defense with the perceived best pass rusher in the draft. (JMorris)

#13 ARIZONA CARDINALS–Cordy Glenn, OG, Georgia. Ok, I’ve probably given this more thought than the Cardinals. I think they should probably trade down & stockpile but will take Cordy Glenn, OL, Georgia. He’s more athletic than David DeCastro, who was my other consideration (after Reiff & Michael Floyd, damn you early drafters), so he gets the nod. (Starkweather)

#14 DALLAS COWBOYS– David DeCastro, OG, Stanford. David DeCastro is the best player left on the board. Four years in a pro style offense that demanded mobility from its OL to pull and trap. Jason Garrett should be stroking himself with these thoughts. He allows you to immediately move one of the slugs you signed in FA to center, sending Phil Costa to shovel elephant dung in Hell. This is a slam dunk, in my mind. (Urinal Mint)

#15 PHILADELPHIA EAGLES–Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina. A defensive end in the model of what Andy Reid looks for, not the tallest or biggest DE, but he’s very technically skilled and also has a high motor. In addition, he’s very sound against the run, which will help cut down the edges and will contain mobile QBs like RG3, Romo and Cam in the pocket. A DE rotation of Cole, Babin and Ingram could easily combine for 30 sacks as well. (PhillyMantis915)

#16 NEW YORK JETS–Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama. Wayne Hunter is still a Jets employee. Why? I have no idea. I wanted a RT but the ones worth taking are all gone. I don’t think I need to tell you why that sucks. So it looks like I’m going to have to settle for a pass rusher or a safety. Oh, Mantis took someone I wanted again. Gee thanks. My options are currently between Courtney Upshaw and Mark Barron. I think Barron is the better player but Upshaw will probably serve the biggest need.

Not that it really matters. WE GOT TEBOW!!! (Senator Jersey)

#18 SAN DIEGO CHARGERS–Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois. San Diego is also looking for defensive help.  Their secondary got exposed last season due to the lack of effective, consistent pass rush.  The guy I want for the Chargers led the nation in sacks (16) and forced fumbles (9). (Some Random Old Dude)

#19 CHICAGO BEARS–Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor. The Bears can protect Cutler two ways, but adding another first-round pick to the OL–their high OL draft picks have not turned out well–or by giving him a target opposite Brandon Marshall. I go with the latter: Wright is undersized, which is the only aspect I don’t like, but he never missed a game to injury–you can’t hurt what you can’t catch or hit. He’s a playmaker and field stretcher and has reliable hands. Move over, old man Hester. (Seven kinds of vezina roast beast)

#20 TENNESSEE TITANS–Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina. Titans look to bolster corner and Gilmore will be a great pickup.  It was between Gilmore and Poe but have Gilmore rated higher. (reggie dunlap)

#21 CINCINNATI BENGALS–Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis. This pick would likely be better used on someone who can help immediately on the offensive line. But with their second pick in the first round, I see the Bengals gambling on an elite physical talent who Zimmer can hopefully mold into a nice player. It’s a risk worth taking. (Coach Mike Woodson)

#23 DETROIT LIONS–Mark Barron, S, Alabama. The Lions secondary was pretty much an absolute disaster at times.  Especially in the playoff game against the Saints.  Granted, the secondary wasn’t as bad as the year that Bryant Westbrook (Hook ‘Em) led the league in pass interference; but still, the Lions need help badly.  Of course, the top CBs are already off the board. (Jim Harbaugh Scramble)

#24 PITTSBURGH STEELERS–Donta Hightower, ILB, Alabama. The Steelers pick is Dont’a Hightower (ILB) since D. Poe (NT), D. Decastro (OG) and L, Kuechly (ILB) are off the board. He will provide a long term replacement for the released James Farrior, eventually sliding into the Buck LB role. (Brawny Tom)

#25 DENVER BRONCOS–Kendall Reyes, DT/DE, Connecticut. Reyes offers depth and positional flexibility in their multiple-front defense and represents a potential future starter at the team’s most obvious position of need (although safety is close). (Gerard Portmanteau)

#26 HOUSTON TEXANS–Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech. When Andre Johnson was out this past season, it became clear that they had absolutely no one on the roster that could even partially fill the void. Reuben Randle is another possibility, but I think the Texans would go with combine star Hill and his freakish athleticism, with the idea being that they have a couple of years to break him in while Andre Johnson fades, while having the physical skills to possibly fill in right away if Johnson were to go down again. (Nathan Wind)

#27 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS–Devon Still, DT, Penn State. With the hard-hitting safety Mark Barron off the board, the Patriots looks to fix the failed Albert Haynesworth experiment with a versatile and athletic interior lineman who can play end in a 3-4, or rotate at tackle in a 4-3, preventing Vince Wilfork from repeating his career high in snaps in 2011. (Wide Word of Sport)

#28 GREEN BAY PACKERS–Jerel Worthy, DE, Michigan State. Heard a lot of chatter about getting an OLB to work opposite Clay Matthews but they won a Super Bowl with Frank Zombo so they should be looking to fortify the line first and Worthy can give them what was lost when Cullen Jenkins wasn’t brought back. (ButtersBC)

#29 BALTIMORE RAVENS–Amini Silatulo, OG, Midwestern State. Baltimore has been  “built to win” for years, and keep getting older. Free agency left the Ravens with an awful hole (next to a huge void) on the offensive line.   They couldn’t pay OG Ben Grubbs, who is now in New Orleans (replacing Nicks). So instead, they’ll take the fast rising Silatulo, who everybody’s got the hots for these days. (Hipster pick by Clayton Cargill)

#30 SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS–Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford. A guy Harbaugh knows and it gives him more chance to dream up twin TE sets to attack defenses for his weak armed QB. (Ballz)

#31 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS–Alshon Jeffery, WR, South Carolina. Branch and Ocho are useless, and I think a big possession receiver on the outside would work well with the TEs and Lloyd stretching the field, Welker inside.  Plus, I was hoping BB could use the “Alshon is going to be fat” card to motivate him to be a beast like he was at Sakerlina. (Cleet)

#32 NEW YORK GIANTS–Mike Adams, OT, Ohio State. Anyone that saw Eli’s crooked helmet and mud covered face in the NFC Championship knows the Giants can use help on the O-line.  I’ll go with the best one left on the board. (Lorenzo Von Matterhorn)

[photos via US Presswire]