20 Seinfeld Facts You Won't See Anywhere Else

Stephen Douglas

Seinfeld is now available on Hulu. Every episode of Seinfeld is streaming for the first time ever. So everyone finally has a chance to watch Seinfeld. Finally. That means many sites will be making list posts about Seinfeld. This is ours. It includes 20 facts about Seinfeld that you won’t read anywhere else. Please save your references for the end of the presentation.

20. Seinfeld Originally Aired on NBC
While you can now watch all the episodes on Hulu, Seinfeld was originally on NBC in the 1990’s. Have you ever noticed how a lot of things have changed since then?

19. Seinfeld Was Not Always Available Streaming
If you wanted to watch Seinfeld in its entirety during it’s initial run on NBC (see fact #20), it would have taken you nearly a decade because of commercials, television schedules and the fact that they only aired one episode a week.

18. Seinfeld Was Popular
Very popular. When Seinfeld originally aired, millions of people sat down at appointed times to watch programs on a regular basis. Ratings did not account for people watching on VHS-tape-delay.

17. Seinfeld Was Originally on Wednesday Nights, But Then It Moved to Thursdays
Did you ever watch it? At some point, NBC switched the night Seinfeld aired. No one knows for certain why they did this, but scholars believe someone swore it felt like Thursday and hit play 24-hours early.Did you ever watch it? I did.

16. Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes
Those were the names of the four main characters on Seinfeld. How many do you recognize? Probably most of them if you’re familiar with the show. The actors who played those characters were named Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander, though no one knows for sure which actors played which characters.

15. Guest Star Keith Hernandez Was a Baseball Player In Real Life
He played for the New York Mets. They mentioned it on the show.

14. Susan Ross Didn’t Die In Real Life
She was a character on the show, portrayed by actress Heidi Swedberg. Swedberg is still alive.

13. Jerry Seinfeld Was a Comedian In Real Life, Just Like His Character on the Show
Long before Jerry Seinfeld played comedian Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld, he was a comedian. Early episodes of the program actually feature Seinfeld doing stand-up, though it isn’t clear whether that is Jerry Seinfeld the person’s material or Jerry Seinfeld the character’s material. What’s the deal with that?!

12. There Were 180 Episodes of Seinfeld. Or 172.
It depends on whether you count the double-episodes as a single episode or not.

11. Pretzels DO Make People Thirsty
Because of the high salt content.

10. Jerry Seinfeld’s Name Was the Name of Jerry Seinfeld’s Show on Seinfeld (No, Not That One!)
In “The Pilot” – the season 4 finale, not the pilot of Seinfeld – Jerry and George make a television pilot for NBC called “Jerry.” Jerry is Jerry Seinfeld’s first name. This was a nod to “Seinfeld.”

9. There Are More Than 19 Facts About Seinfeld
I only thought of 19 obvious facts, but there are many more.

8. The Seinfeld Theme Song is Called “Seinfeld Theme Song”
At least that’s what it says right on the first page of Google results for Seinfeld.

7. Seven Was Mickey Mantle’s Number
Maybe you recognize this reference from an episode of Seinfeld. If not, you should watch every episode on Hulu, in order, from the beginning.

6. Wayne Knight Was In Jurassic Park
Jurassic World is in the news these days. This is it’s connection to Seinfeld.

5. There’s Not Anything Wrong With That
It’s true. People’s sexual preferences are no one’s business but their own.

4. Seinfeld Wasn’t Actually a “Show About Nothing”
Most episodes were about something. In that stuff happened. Ya know? I don’t think you were supposed to learn a lesson or anything, but you get it.

3. Michael Richards Almost Didn’t Play Kramer
Except he auditioned and got the role and did. I really have no clue.

2. George Was Based on Larry David
Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David was one of the creators of Seinfeld, along with Jerry Seinfeld. The character of George was based on David. David later portrayed himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm which you may remember from the beginning of this fact blurb.

1. Seinfeld Takes Place in New York City
You might recognize some famous locations from the show like Jerry’s apartment, a garage in Queens, the subway, Monk’s Coffee Shop, and the movie theater that showed Rochelle, Rochelle.