15 Worst Quarterback Stat Lines of the 2021 NFL Season

New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Maddie Meyer/GettyImages

On Sunday night, Ian Book really struggled in his NFL debut for the New Orleans Saints. Pressed into duty thanks to a COVID-19 outbreak, the Notre Dame product looked terrible against the Miami Dolphins. That got us wondering about some of the worst statistical performances by NFL quarterbacks this season.

We took a deep dive and came up with the 15 worst stat lines for quarterbacks this season (with a bonus at the end).

Ian Book, Week 16 vs. Miami

You had to feel for Book a bit, as he was shoved into action with Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian both on the reserve/COVID-19 list. Still, he was really bad in New Orleans' 20-3 loss to the Miami Dolphins. He finished the night with a QBR of 2.1, which is just sad.

Final Stats: 12-for-20, 135 yards (6.8 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions
Passer rating: 40.6
QBR: 2.1

Mac Jones, Week 13 at Buffalo

Now this one needs a bit of explaining, because the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills played in the middle of a blizzard. Still, Jones' line from that game was hilarious. The Pats just refused to throw the ball.

Final Stats: 2-for-3, 19 yards, (6.3 yards per attempt), 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions
Passer rating: 84.0
QBR: 4.5.

Tim Boyle, Week 13 at Cleveland

Tim Boyle was never supposed to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, but he was pressed into duty for the then-winless Detroit Lions when Jared Goff was injured. Things didn't go well as the Browns won 13-10. Boyle threw the ball 23 times and averaged a hilarious 3.3 yards per attempt.

Final Stats: 15-for-23, 77 yards (3.3 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions
Passer rating: 34.1
QBR: 6.8.

Andy Dalton, Week 13 vs. Arizona

Dalton played three games in a row for the Chicago Bears midseason with Justin Fields out due to a rib injury. His final performance during that stretch was horrific. The Bears lost 33-22 and were lucky it wasn't worse. Dalton threw four bad interceptions and hasn't seen the field since.

Final Stats: 26-for-41, 229 yards (5.6 YPA), 2 touchdowns, 4 interceptions
Passer rating: 54.9
QBR: 8.5.

Cam Newton, Week 12 at Miami

Cam Newton's return to the Carolina Panthers was one of the feel good stories of the season. Until it wasn't. In Week 12 against the Miami Dolphins, everything went wrong for Newton and the Panthers. They got whooped 33-10 and Cam turned in one of the worst performances of his career, finishing with a passer rating of 5.8.

Final Stats: 5-for-21, 92 yards (4.4 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 2 interceptions

Passer rating: 5.8
QBR: 6.7

Baker Mayfield, Week 16 at Green Bay

Baker Mayfield has had a rough season, and Sunday against the Green Bay Packers might have been the low point. The Browns lost 24-22 but if their quarterback had played a little better maybe they would have scored a huge road win. That was not to be, however, as Mayfield threw a career-high four interceptions.

Final Stats: 21-for-36, 222 yards (6.2 YPA), 2 touchdowns, 4 interceptions
Passer rating: 55.3
QBR: 35.2

Mike Glennon, Week 15 vs. Dallas

Glennon filled in for an injured Daniel Jones against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 15 and things did not go well. Glennon reminded everyone why he failed during previous stops in Tampa Bay, Chicago, Arizona, Oakland and Jacksonville. He was so bad against the Cowboys that the Giants went out and signed Jake Fromm to replace him. Then promptly replaced Fromm with Glennon when he was terrible in Week 16 ... it's been a rough year for football in New York.

Final Stats: 13-for-24, 99 yards (4.1 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions.
Passer rating: 24.8
QBR: 8.5

Zach Wilson, Week 2 vs. New England

Speaking of rough years in New York, Zach Wilson's first career appearance against the Patriots in a 25-6 loss was a complete disaster. The Jets' new franchise quarterback looked a lot like their old franchise quarterback, Sam Darnold did against New England. Wilson completely melted down and threw four picks his second career start.

Final Stats: 19-for-33, 210 yards (6.4 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 4 interceptions
Passer rating: 37.0
QBR: 8.9

Daniel Jones, Week 6 vs. Los Angeles Rams

OK, fine, one more horrendous New York-based quarterbacking performance. Daniel Jones' third season with the Giants went about as well as his first two. Which is to say, terribly. He's out for the rest of the season but we haven't forgotten about him. His Week 6 performance against the Rams in a 38-11 loss was bad, but at least it was memorable. He threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball away once in a truly brutal performance.

Final Stats: 29-for-51, 249 yards (4.7 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions
Passer rating: 44.7
QBR: 6.5

Sam Darnold, Week 9 vs. New England

Darnold clearly isn't the guy for the Panthers long-term and that became crystal clear during a Week 9 loss to the Patriots. Carolina got drubbed 24-6. Darnold was awful until he was mercifully knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury.

Final Stats: 16-for-33, 172 yards (5.2 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions
Passer rating: 26.3
QBR: 2.9

Trevor Lawrence, Week 14 at Tennessee

The final game of the Urban Meyer era in Jacksonville was also the worst performance of Trevor Lawrence's career (so far). The Jaguars were shutout 20-0 and Lawrence threw a career-high four interceptions.

Final Stats: 24-for-40, 221 yards (5.5 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 4 interceptions
Passer rating: 35.5
QBR: 20.1

Tom Brady, Week 15 vs. New Orleans

Yes, even the GOAT made this list. Brady and his Buccaneers were terrible offensively during a 9-0 loss to the Saints in Week 15. It was yet another example of New Orleans throwing the kitchen sink at Brady and keeping him frustrated, he also threw a pick and fumbled the ball away. The future Hall of Famer got absolutely nothing going and looked pedestrian on the night.

Final Stats: 26-for-48, 214 yards (4.5 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 1 interception
Passer rating: 57.1
QBR: 18.6

Justin Fields, Week 7 at Tampa Bay

A lot of rookies have shown up on this list, which isn't a surprise. Fields got absolutely flustered by the defending champion Buccaneers in Week 7 during a 38-3 loss. He's had some rough outings this season, but the Bears' loss to Tampa Bay was the worst he's looked. He threw three interceptions and fumbled three times, losing two. His QBR of 1.9 was almost comical.

Final Stats: 22-for-32, 184 yards (5.8 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions
Passer rating: 44.3
QBR: 1.9

Taylor Heinicke, Week 16 at Dallas

Heinicke is still the starting quarterback for the Washington Football Team but his grip on the job might be weakening. He was downright terrible in a 56-14 loss to the Dallas Cowboys and got pulled in favor of Kyle Allen. In the end, his stat line wound up being pretty funny. A 4.0 is great in college, but not so good as a QBR.

Final Stats: 7-for-22, 121 yards (5.5 YPA), 1 touchdown, 2 interceptions
Passer rating: 28.8
QBR: 4.0

Davis Mills, Week 4 at Buffalo

Davis Mills may have outdueled Justin Herbert in a big Week 16 win for the Texans, but we still remember Week 4. The Bills steamrolled Houston 40-0 and Mills was a sitting duck all day. He threw four interceptions as the Texans gained a total of 109 yards on 42 plays. That's 2.6 yards per play. Mills' QBR was a robust 0.7 on the afternoon. Yikes.

Final Stats: 11-for-21, 87 yards (4.1 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 4 interceptions
Passer rating: 23.4
QBR: 0.7

BONUS: Josh Rosen, Week 10 at Dallas

Rosen got to play in mop-up duty for the Atlanta Falcons in Week 10 and boy was it ugly. He only threw the ball six times but wound up with one of the most ridiculous lines I've ever seen. His quarterback rating was 0.0, and his QBR was 0.1. I've never seen that before.

Final Stats: 1-for-6, 14 yards (2.3 YPA), 0 touchdowns, 1 interception Passer rating: 0.0
QBR: 0.1