13 Dallas Cowboys Have Been Suspended a Total of 108 Games Since 2014


In a story that is powerful in its simplicity, ESPN’s Todd Archer notes that the Dallas Cowboys have had players suspended in 16 separate instances since 2014. This story comes the week that Ezekiel Elliott received a six-game suspension from the NFL in what promises to be a bitter battle over the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

A few notes from Irving’s piece, which you should click through to see for full context:

  • While there were 16 suspensions, it is 13 players because Randy Gregory has received two suspensions for a total of 30 games, and Rolando McClain three for a total of 30.
  • Nolan Carroll and Damien Wilson, who have both been arrested this offseason, may add to the count.
  • Three players — Shaquelle Evans, R.J. Dill, and Joseph Randle — were no longer Cowboys by the time their suspensions began.

A hallmark of Jerry Jones’ tenure as owner is that he will roll the dice on whomever he believes will help the team win football games. You can view this as amorality, or you can view it as a manifestation of the belief that men are fallible and we are a nation of second chances, or somewhere in between. But, as long as he’s alive, don’t expect the Cowboys to operate much differently.