10 Super Bowl Prop Bets From Mundane To Bizarre

Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, home of Super Bowl LIV
Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, home of Super Bowl LIV / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Sports gambling is no longer merely concerned with who wins and who loses, or even by how much. Nowadays, you can bet on just about anything related to a sporting event, and with a sporting event as long and drawn-out as the Super Bowl, which is preceded by almost everything that isn't sports, there's a lot to blow your money on. Here are five examples, from the mundane to the bizarre.

Note: Odds are sourced from Bookmaker unless noted.

Patrick Mahomes will throw two interceptions (1.5, +1357)
Through nearly two full seasons, Mahomes has yet to throw more than one interception in a game, and didn't throw one in either of the Chiefs' postseason wins to reach this point. However, great young quarterbacks can melt under the Super Bowl pressure, as we saw with Jared Goff last year, as well as Dan Marino, who struggled in his only Super Bowl appearance for the Dolphins.

There will be at least one safety (+1261, at 5dimes)
This would actually be a pretty good bet considering recent trends. Of the nine Super Bowls in which a safety has occurred, four have come within the past 15 years - XLIII (holding penalty in end zone), XLVI (holding penalty in end zone), XLVII (intentional safety by punter), and XLVIII (bad snap out back of end zone). In two of those cases (XLVI and XLVIII) a safety marked the first points of the game.

Neither team will score a touchdown (+15000)
The long-shot odds for this scenario are perfectly justified. After all, the Chiefs have one of the best passers in the game, one that arguably should have gotten at least one MVP vote last night. The 49ers' offense, while not as sexy to the eyes, has a dangerous running game that we've seen at their best in the past two games.

Keep in mind that we saw this exact scenario come dangerously close to happening in last year's Super Bowl, where the Patriots scored the game's only touchdown with seven minutes to play, while the Rams' offense simply didn't show up.

There will be overtime (+842)
Overtime has come into play only once in Super Bowl history, when the Patriots completed their famous 25-point comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. With the two teams in this Super Bowl so evenly-matched on paper (the Chiefs are favored by only 1.5 points by BetMGM), it shouldn't be too surprising if we see it a second time tonight.

One team will be completely shut out (+3700 for either team)
Although there have been some close calls, this has simply never happened in a Super Bowl. The worst offensive efforts were Miami's sole field goal in Super Bowl VI against Dallas, as well as the Rams' three points in last year's game. Both teams are the only ones in Super Bowl history to fail to reach the end zone in the biggest game of the year. We should expect more from the two teams in this year's game.

LeSean McCoy will be Super Bowl MVP (+10000)
It's altogether possible that LeSean McCoy will not see the playing field at all in Super Bowl LIV. His usefulness to the Chiefs has diminished throughout the season, and he had no carries in the AFC Championship game against Tennessee. But there have been unlikely MVPs in Super Bowl history - Larry Brown, Desmond Howard, and Malcolm Smith say hi - and the idea of McCoy going out on top with his former head coach, Andy Reid, would be a great story.

"Si Te Vas" will be the first song performed at the halftime show (+2000 - BetOnline)
Why this was even on the sheet, I have no idea. Si Te Vas was the second track off of Shakira's fourth album, Dónde Están los Ladrones? Four singles were released based off of the success of that album. Si Te Vas was not one of them. Furthermore, it's not really the type of pop song that the NFL would want on the Super Bowl's halftime show. It's about the deterioration of a relationship.

The Gatorade used for the dunk will be purple (+1400 - BetOnline)
There is only one flavor of Gatorade I can think of that can really be considered "purple", and that's "Fierce Grape". I can't really imagine NFL teams going out and purchasing Fierce Grape Gatorade in bulk, especially when Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime, and Orange are more plentiful. And what's so fierce about it, anyway? It's grape.

Demi Lovato will flub the national anthem (+970)
You know the classic anxiety dream where you suddenly have to take a final exam in a class you didn't know you had and you don't remember going to and you know nothing about? And you're buck-naked? That probably doesn't even compare to the feeling of singing your national anthem - something you've heard thousands of times - in front of millions of people and trying not to lose your cool. Nine-hundred ninety-nine out of 1000 people couldn't do that. Godspeed, Demi. And take the cue cards. It's for your own good.

The microphone used for the national anthem will be colored something other than black, silver or grey (+338)
Yes, people are seriously betting on this. Given that both teams are red, perhaps it would be fitting to spraypaint the microphone in that color, but I can't imagine that it would do the internal parts much good...yeah, I got nothing.