Here Are MLB's Local Market Hats in All Their Glory

Your cousin from Boston? (via
Your cousin from Boston? (via /

Today, May 25, was the day MLB released its Local Market hats to the general public. Similar to how every team now has an alternate jersey that pays homage to the city its plays in, these hats attempt to do the same.

The hats all have the regular logos on them, but essentially every other inch of fabric is adorned with some kind of notable attribute of the city in question. The hats have every area code of the immediate surrounding area on them. Except Pittsburgh, for some reason. Some, like the fact that both the Mets and Yankees have the Statue of Liberty front and center, make a certain level of sense. Some ... do not.

The hats were not well-received, but we'll let you judge for yourself. Here are all the MLB Local Market hats in all their glory.