VIDEO: Kobe Bryant's Daughter Dribbling Into a Triple-Team to Shoot a Fadeaway is Perfect

Stephen Douglas

Kobe Bryant posted a new video this week showing his 13-year old daughter Gigi playing basketball. In Kobe's description of the video, he says his daughter has a "familiar looking fade."

Sure enough she dribbles up the court, does not let a single teammate touch the ball, drives towards the baseline and shoots a mid-range fadeaway over three defenders. A computer couldn't replicate such an accurate Kobe Bryant field goal attempt .

Kobe's intense interest in youth sports first gained notoriety when he shared a post in September of one of the Mamba teams holding 4th place trophies and scowling. In the image caption, Kobe called out a little girl for missing a game for a dance recital.

According to Kobe, his daughter really wants to play for UConn. We can only hope.