NFL Power Rankings Heading Into the 2019 Season

NFL Power Rankings Heading Into the 2019 Season


NFL Power Rankings Heading Into the 2019 Season


The NFL season is almost upon us. Just under six months after the New England Patriots hoisted the Lombardi Trophy once again, everything will be reset as the new season begins. Some teams will build on their success from last season, while others bottom out in search of a bright future.

Despite the optimism that a new season brings for teams and fanbases around the country, there’s still a clear pecking order within the league. Preseason power rankings rarely hold up in the long run, but they do give us an idea of how things will shake out early in the year. There will be surprises, as some teams make an unexpected leap and others suffer injuries and declines that will derail their season. Here are our NFL Power Rankings as the first kickoff of the regular season on September 5 draws near.

32. Miami Dolphins 

The Dolphins fired Adam Gase, brought in Brian Flores after just one season as the Patriots’ defensive coordinator, and shed as much money as possible. They’re going to be bad, and they don’t mind. They want their young guys to develop and their new head coach to create a culture that players want to be a part of. There are not a lot of wins in the future for Miami, and it’s all according to plan.

31. Arizona Cardinals

Similar to Miami, the Cardinals are looking towards the future, and if that means sacrificing wins in 2019, so be it. They’re going to let Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury work out all the possible kinks in the duo’s first professional season. They’ll be bad again. They’ll maybe even secure the first overall pick again. The goal is not to win, but to see development from the coach-QB pairing they’ve placed the future of their franchise on.

30. New York Giants

After trading Odell Beckham Jr. and taking a project quarterback (at best) with the sixth overall pick, it is very hard to imagine the Giants winning many games. Saquon Barkley is the generational talent advertised, but things are grim other than that. Eli Manning was at the helm for their 6-10 2018 season, and appears to be leading the charge once more, but with a worse team this time around. It’s rebuilding time for Big Blue, and their record will reflect that.

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