The Catcher Doesn't Live Here Anymore

The Catcher Doesn't Live Here Anymore


The Catcher Doesn't Live Here Anymore


The Seattle Mariners started this season red-hot. Then they cooled off. Really cooled off. They sit at 25-38 and in the cellar of the American League West. Worse, they are reinventing the wheel to run themselves over.

Last night, in a home loss to the Houston Astros, Dylan Moore ranged to his right to make a nice play on a grounder and flung it home to get a runner racing in from third. The only problem is the catcher, Omar Narvaez, believed his shortstop would be trying to turn a double play, and therefore raced to back up first base.

The result: bad.

This is like sending text after text to someone after they’ve changed their number. The desired result isn’t going to happen. And it doesn’t really matter whose fault the miscommunication is, the end result is the same.

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