ESPN Launching "SVP and Russillo" Podcast

ESPN Launching "SVP and Russillo" Podcast


ESPN Launching "SVP and Russillo" Podcast


Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo are bringing back a podcast version of their radio show to ESPN, the duo announced Thursday on Russillo’s current eponymous podcast.

“It will not be five days a week, it may not be five days a month, it’s probably going to be even a lot less than that but we will do a limited version of it because Scott and I want to do something like that,” Russillo said. “We miss working together. We’d like to get something a little bit more regular than just the sporadic time we have him on this podcast.”

SVP & Russillo‘s six-year run ended in June 2015 and the show was very much a pillar of the ESPN Radio lineup. Van Pelt currently hosts the midnight SportsCenter while his former co-host has footholds in the ESPN and Ringer audio empires.

The pair intends to record the first one in Bristol in early June and release one monthly. They did leave the door open to recording more frequently come football season but it’s difficult to tell how many details have been hashed out and how much of what was said can be chalked up to two guys just chopping it up.

For a wide array of fans, even a small, periodic dose of the pairing will be welcome. There’s an argument to be made that there have been precious few shows with better charisma and content-to-fun balance. They were also far ahead of the curve on innovation and the tone and tenor audiences — especially younger — want.

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