Joel Dahmen is 'The Only Idiot in the World' Who Didn't See Tiger Win Masters

Joel Dahmen is 'The Only Idiot in the World' Who Didn't See Tiger Win Masters


Joel Dahmen is 'The Only Idiot in the World' Who Didn't See Tiger Win Masters


Joel Dahmen is a relatively unknown name in the golf world, but that may change soon. Heading into day three of the Wells Fargo Championship, Dahmen is tied for second place with Max Homa, sitting at ten under and only one stroke behind Jason Dufner for the lead. The third-year pro has put himself in good position to make a push in his final two rounds, hoping to win his first major on the PGA Tour after winning twice during his time with PGA Tour Canada.

Everyone in the game is being asked about Tiger Woods right now, because obviously, and that includes Dahmen. He had the pleasure of playing with Woods at last year’s Quicken Loans National Tournament and, like most younger golfers, was in awe of Woods and the admiration he received from the crowd. Naturally, the line of questioning led to Woods’ Masters win, and what it was like for a fellow professional who clearly thinks highly of Woods to see him raise that green jacket.

As it turns out, Dahmen missed the entire last day of the Masters. What could he possibly have been up to, you ask? As he told ESPN’s Bob Harig, he was busy “drinking a lot and having a good time” while playing in a tournament at his home course called the Hack Masters. It can be tough for us average Joes to relate to professional golfers at times, but what respectable golfer hasn’t missed something pivotal because they got caught up goofing off with their buddies on the course?

Dahmen was very disappointed, of course; Woods’ victory was the culmination of a ten-year effort to rehabilitate both his image and his game. Missing that isn’t fun for someone who’s dedicated their life to the game of golf like Dahmen. Still, it’s clear he saw the humor in the situation; as he so eloquently stated, he was “the only idiot in the world” who didn’t see the final putt and subsequent celebration.

Dahmen no doubt hopes to create some memories of his own this weekend. For now, he can be thankful for DVR and the days of viral videos only a Google search away.

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