Bucks Fans: "We Want Boston"

Bucks Fans: "We Want Boston"


Bucks Fans: "We Want Boston"


The Milwaukee Bucks completed a four-game sweep over the Detroit Pistons last night and have looked like the NBA’s most complete team in the playoffs. They’ll face the Boston Celtics in the next round and it’s safe to say fans are amped.

Here they are chanting about their wants and desires.

One indisputable fact about the people of greater Boston is their ability to pull out the slightest bit of perceived disrespect and turn it into two-ton chips to carry around on shoulders from Worcester to Brookline.

They won’t like the good people of Wisconsin enjoying the first Bucks playoff win since 2001 one bit because no other city, it seems, is allowed to win anything.

While this may be bulletin board material, I feel confident saying it will age well. This Milwaukee team is an offensive juggernaut capable of spreading you out and stealing your soul. The Celtics will be doing well if they can force a fifth game before Bucks fans start chanting about their next opponent on the way to a title.

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