Why Nobody Will Sit on the Iron Throne at the End of Game of Thrones

Why Nobody Will Sit on the Iron Throne at the End of Game of Thrones


Why Nobody Will Sit on the Iron Throne at the End of Game of Thrones


It is rare that everyone is asking the same question, but that’s where we find ourselves right now. We’re all impatiently waiting to find out who sits on the Iron Throne once the phenomenon known as Game of Thrones comes to an end in just over six weeks. Most are debating just who that will be, whether they stand behind Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, or even Tyrion Lannister.

But I’m going with no one. No, not no one as in the Faceless Men. No one as in the Iron Thrones is burned to the ground.

Ending the series with one person victorious and sitting on the coveted Iron Throne wouldn’t fit the complex story they are telling. This is a show that follows no traditions and does things other shows would never dare. The most likely candidates would all come as a shock to me. Let’s break them down:

First off, Daenerys Targaryen. She has been on a mission to sit on the Iron Throne since Season 1, Episode 1. Even with two full-grown dragons and a massive army, this decision is far too predictable to be something George R.R. Martin and/or the pairing of David Benioff and D. B. Weiss would be satisfied with. Nothing in seven seasons of television has flowed as easily as Dany taking the Throne would flow. Instead, I say we must prepare for Daenerys’ death, whether it may come in The Great War or from giving birth. That is the emotional twist that would emphasize what Game of Thrones truly is. Even Jon Snow having to kill her after showing similar temperament to her father is in play here.

In a similar manner to Daenerys, having fan-favorite Jon Snow ruling Westeros is also predictable and therefore far-fetched. We don’t even know if Jon wants that. His destiny has become clear: It is not to be a ruler, it is not to be a king, it is to lead an army to defeat the army of the dead. For the many that think the end result will be Jon peacefully sitting on the Throne after defeating the White Walkers and keeping Westeros safe: “Never believe a thing simply because you want to believe it.”

Jon is here to defeat that incomprehensible army, and he will. But he will have to sacrifice himself in doing so. As I predicted on January 17, 2018, the last scene of the series will show Jon Snow’s frozen dead body waking up with blue eyes as the new Night King to lead the next army of the dead.

The White Walkers winning has become a popular theory, but also doesn’t make much sense. Again, like with Jon, we don’t even have evidence the Night King wants this. We don’t know what he wants but it would appear it has something to do with Jon and the fantasy of destroying everyone and everything, not sitting on the Iron Throne.

Other choices to sit on the Throne, like Bran, Arya, Sansa, or Tyrion would seem forced. They have no real, impactful claim to the Throne and instead are more fit to rule the kingdoms of Westeros, not the land in its entirety. Which leads me back to my prediction.

Everything will boil down to the Iron Throne being destroyed in a massive, devastating battle that is won by the good guys while their most important people are lost. Jon is going to win this before he is killed, don’t worry. But it will unfold in a manner where no Mad King or Queen can rule again. I predict separation. The Starks will rule the North, Tyrion will rule a revamped Westerlands, while other allies take over the rest of the Seven Kingdoms.

This would be an ending that fits the steps Game of Thrones has walked on. An ending that would be upsetting, but understandable. An ending that no other show would write. This is the only scenario that adds up to complete the puzzle we are all trying to put together.

Now, for your prediction…

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