Camille Kostek Responds To Body Shamers

Camille Kostek

Camille Kostek Responds To Body Shamers


Camille Kostek Responds To Body Shamers


Camille Kostek is a successful model and Rob Gronkowski’s long-time girlfriend. That is enough to make her fairly famous. Obviously when she posts pictures on Instagram they’re going to get a response, but there’s no reason for viewers to take things as far as they did recently.

Kostek posted a bikini picture last week and was harshly body shamed as a result. She responded forcefully this week and singled out some of the people shaming her.

Here’s the picture Kostek posted:

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And here is her response to the people picking on her:

Look, if your first instinct when you see a woman who looks like Camille Kostek is to pick apart her appearance, there is something insanely wrong with you.

I mean, if you’d do that to anyone, there’s something seriously wrong with you, but she’s an objectively attractive woman. Evidence of that is below and on the next few pages.

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