Luke Walton Is Already (Unfairly) on the Hot Seat

Luke Walton Is Already (Unfairly) on the Hot Seat


Luke Walton Is Already (Unfairly) on the Hot Seat


Just because most people expected the Lakers to accept this season as a building year does not mean Magic Johnson is accepting that from Luke Walton. According to Adrian Wojnarowski and Dave McMenamin of ESPN, Johnson “admonished” the coach after the Lakers’ sluggish 3-5 start:

“Johnson’s cutting appraisal elevated an already acute awareness within the Lakers coaching staff that there are intense and immediate pressures on Walton to deliver the franchise a winner in short order.

Despite Johnson’s prior proclamations of needing to allow time for Walton to develop a young roster surrounding four-time MVP LeBron James, evidence is mounting that Walton’s job security ultimately depends upon his ability to significantly improve upon a 3-5 to start the season.”

This blatantly early and unfair to Walton. Johnson has not provided him with a roster that fits together or that is anywhere close to being ready. Yes, he gave him LeBron James, but it is nearly impossible to be an efficient offense in today’s NBA with the lack of three-point shooters they have and styles they are trying to mesh together. Not to mention, both Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo have already missed games due to suspensions.

Regardless, another coach of LeBron’s is on the hot seat …

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