The Best NFL Comebacks of the Last 20 Years

The Best NFL Comebacks of the Last 20 Years


The Best NFL Comebacks of the Last 20 Years


Aaron Rodgers limping back on the field to beat the Bears, down 20-0, got us thinking of the most improbable comebacks of the last 20 years. Consideration for this list primarily relied on the score/time scenario and how infrequent it was, with other considerations including the participants, when it happened (such as in the playoffs) and whether it produced memorable moments. Here is the list for a fun trip down memory lane:


Was it the greatest comeback of all-time? Given the stakes and the stage, probably so.

New England trailed (and you may have heard this before) 28-3 with 8:31 left in the third quarter. They went on a methodical drive to score a touchdown with 2:12 remaining in the 3rd quarter. A field goal with 9:48 left still left them down 28-13. That’s when Matt Ryan was sacked by Dont’a Hightower and fumbled, and the Patriots scored and added a two-point conversion at the 6 minute mark to pull within one score. Atlanta got down in field goal range, but another big sack knocked them out of it, and the Patriots tied the game with a minute left. New England won the OT toss and the rest is immortalized in Super Bowl history.

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