Ranking the 10 Most Interesting Scenarios for LeBron James Free Agency

Ranking the 10 Most Interesting Scenarios for LeBron James Free Agency


Ranking the 10 Most Interesting Scenarios for LeBron James Free Agency


LeBron James is going to make his Decision at some point in the next couple months. The path to getting there is already excruciating and it’s only going to get worse. The fact that I’m perpetuating that is not lost on me but here we are.

This list is not about what is most likely. Some of the circumstances, for one reason or another, aren’t even plausible. But as I scan the NBA, these are the 10 destinations that I think would be most interesting, either for basketball or off-court reasons or both:

10. Washington Wizards

This was a scenario that was broached by Michael Wilbon on Tony Kornheiser’s podcast earlier this week. The Washington Post transcribed:

“You know what? This is the place to do this,” Wilbon said when prompted by Kornheiser to talk about the issue. “Suppose, given that there’s no perfect place out there, that in Philadelphia he’d turn Ben Simmons into a voyeur if LeBron goes there, he’s not going to go to Houston and suppose the Lakers are not exactly [thinking] they can challenge Golden State in the next two years, he’d be wasting some time there. So suppose we strike out those teams. He doesn’t want to deal with [Cavs owner] Dan Gilbert anymore, he doesn’t think Cleveland can be close to anything because Boston and Philly have eclipsed them. …

“Suppose, given Lebron’s outspokenness, his engagement, his involvement, his engagement with what is going on nationally, culturally. Suppose he decides that the place he can do this best … and join two max players is the Washington Wizards.”

This isn’t the worst basketball scenario; LeBron could join maybe any team in the East and at least reach the conference finals if on the other side of the draw from the Celtics (like, wouldn’t you bet on LeBron and the Magic over the Sixers or Raptors?).

Bradley Beal and John Wall have not been the most reliable superstars in the league but at least they hit about 37% of their threes this season, and ideally that would be higher if LeBron were creating more open ones for them. I dunno if this team is better than a fully healthy Celtics squad would be, but that’d be a fun series to watch.

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