Fox's Britt McHenry Rips Chris Long For Donating to Charity

Fox's Britt McHenry Rips Chris Long For Donating to Charity


Fox's Britt McHenry Rips Chris Long For Donating to Charity


Selflessness is so damn selfish, according to Fox’s Britt McHenry.

McHenry, who previously worked for ESPN, went after Chris Long on Twitter on Wednesday over his decision to donate his 2017 salary to charity. McHenry’s rant came after the Philadelphia Eagles defensive end posted a response to the NFL’s decision to change the rules about the national anthem. McHenry shifted the conversation away from the anthem, and instead accused Long of being an attention-seeker. She suggested his donations to charity were no more than an attempt to get a tax deduction.

Long announced before the 2017 season he would donate his $1 million base salary to organizations that support educational equality in St. Louis, Boston and Philadelphia, the three cities where he’s played.

ESPN laid off McHenry in 2017. At the time she tweeted (then deleted) that she got fired because she was “white” and “made too much.” She also suggested she got laid off for her conservative views. That said, McHenry’s tenure at ESPN was anything but smooth. She had an infamous interaction with a towing company, where she was caught berating the company’s employee, and ESPN stuck with her through that time of public outcry against her.

Chris Long is the son of former NFL player and Fox Sports analyst Howie Long, who had a long and successful career with the Oakland Raiders. One of Chris’ brothers, Kyle Long, is also an NFL player.

Long has used his platform as an athlete to share his political views, and has addressed the national anthem countless times. He has long expressed support for quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who was the initial engineer of the NFL’s anthem protests. Kaepernick no longer has a job in the NFL, and is embroiled in a legal case with the NFL over collusion.

Here’s Long’s reaction to the NFL’s rule change on the anthem on Wednesday, which drew McHenry’s response.

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