Ranking The Five Worst Bowl Games Of 2017-18

Ranking The Five Worst Bowl Games Of 2017-18


Ranking The Five Worst Bowl Games Of 2017-18


4. Pinstripe Bowl: Iowa vs. Boston College
Broadcast info: Dec. 27, 5:15 p.m. EST, ESPN

Neither of these 7-5 teams is actually that bad, they’re both just painful to watch.

Iowa suffered losses against Penn State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Purdue. None of those are awful losses, and the Hawkeyes also hammered Ohio State 55-24. Meanwhile, Boston College suffered defeats against Wake Forest, Notre Dame, Clemson, Virginia Tech and N.C. State. Again, no truly bad losses there for the Eagles. So yeah, they’re not terrible teams.

Here’s the thing, Iowa ranks 108th in the nation in total offense (340 yards per game), and Boston College ranks 82nd (387 yards per game). You’re almost certain to wind up seeing a lot of punts in this one, while the playing surface at Yankee Stadium is typically horrific for football. So yeah.

What I’d rather do than watch this game: Sit quietly while my ex-girlfriend recounts everything that was wrong with our relationship and how much happier she is since I broke up with her. 

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