Los Angeles Chargers Had Another Awful Crowd At StubHub Center In Week 4

Los Angeles Chargers Had Another Awful Crowd At StubHub Center In Week 4


Los Angeles Chargers Had Another Awful Crowd At StubHub Center In Week 4


The San Diego Los Angeles Chargers played a “home” game on Sunday in front of another terrible crowd. The good news? This time, the seats weren’t empty. No, this week they were filled…with Philadelphia Eagles fans.

In yet another embarrassment for Dean Spanos’ franchise, Eagles fans packed StubHub Center and out-cheered the Chargers “fans” in attendance repeatedly all afternoon.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in attendance for the contest and I think it’s fair to say he likely wasn’t impressed with what he saw from the “Fight for LA.”

Things started badly for the Chargers, with this news:

Despite the FAA reversing a decision about flyovers at the tiny stadium, this banner was in the air before kickoff:

Then Eagles beat writers were shocked by what they saw of the stadium:

Yep, in a tiny soccer stadium, the Chargers need to tarp off seats so they can claim “sellouts” when 25,000 people show up.

Oh, and let’s just say Spanos and the Chargers haven’t exactly wooed the LA populace, as Eagles fans vastly outnumbered LA fans:

For the second week in a row, the Chargers didn’t do individual player introductions because they were afraid of the potential response:

It was apparently a late arriving crowd…

In their new home in a new city where they swore they had a big fan base, the crowd was really loud…when the Chargers had the ball…and when the Eagles scored.

How bad did it get? Evidence:

Don’t take my word for it, look at all that green:

And as the Eagles iced a 26-24 win with a late first down, the crowd went wild:

Even the Eagles’ social media team got in on the trolling:

It’s embarrassing that in a city and surrounding area with 18.1 million people, the Chargers can’t find 25,000 of their own fans to pack a tiny stadium. So far they’ve had to rely on loads of opposing fans filling the venue in each of their first three home games. It’s a joke and you can’t find any reasonable person who believes the team’s move to Los Angeles was smart.

So yeah, things continue to go great for the Spanos family and the Chargers in Los Angeles. What do you think about it commissioner Goodell?

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