Roundup: Daniel Murphy is the Mets Hero; JR Smith Broke Paul George's Ankles

Roundup: Daniel Murphy is the Mets Hero; JR Smith Broke Paul George's Ankles


Roundup: Daniel Murphy is the Mets Hero; JR Smith Broke Paul George's Ankles




Tianna Gregory, a model … assistant principal “reassigned” after appearing in the very beginning of this Trey Songz twerk-heavy video … restaurants raises prices, but cut tipping … watch a truck fly off the highway during a road rage incident … “Florida man and goateed wife accused of abusing elder” … a handful of extremely wealthy families donate most of the money to Presidential campaigns … well, this is sad: “Christianity Faces Extinction in Iraq Within Five Years” … 49-year old “Farm Girl” mom makes $100k a year making videos of herself in a bikini … awesome chart on “how companies value body parts” … this one’s for all the Terence Trent D’Arby fans … “Woman accused of taking clothes off, trashing Subway in custody” … black man detailed by Alabama police for jogging at night … something you surely have given no thought to: What are the demographics of heaven? … “80-year-old Jewish woman who marched into the Gestapo to demand the release of her son” …

Daniel Murphy was the hero, and it’s a good thing the Mets manager didn’t listen to twitter about his pitching moves. New York 3, Los Angeles 2, and the Mets advance to the NLCS. [NYDN]

Stanford blasted UCLA, 56-35, on the strength of a monster game from Christian McCaffrey, who had 369 all-purpose yards and four TDs. Also, this happened. [Fox Sports]

I implore you to read Woj hammer the Kardashians. [Yahoo Sports]

Saints 31, Falcons 21. New Orleans knocks Atlanta from the ranks of the unbeaten. []

How the Milwaukee Bucks landed Greg Monroe. [ESPN]

Sorry, not a fan of pushing the NCAA Tournament back a month (or even two). Why? Accomplishes nothing. [College Hotline]

Sad read from Les Carpenter about Kenney Bui, the high school football player in Washington who had a 4.0 GPA and died on the field. [Guardian]

Jay Bilas will debate Andrew Luck’s dad, Oliver, about paying college athletes. [The DPost]

GGG – Gennady Golovkin – is boxing this weekend, and he’s boxing’s best story right now. [WSJ]

Devonta Freeman of the Falcons is taking online classes at night to get his college degree. [MMQB]

Nate Huffman, who starred at Central Michigan and later went on to a successful career with Maccabi Tel Aviv in Israel, died at the age of 40 from bladder cancer. [Jerusalem Post]

Been talking about how this is going to be a story all season: The Thunder’s last chance to keep Kevin Durant. [ESPN]

Myles Garrett of Texas A & M could be the #1 pick in the 2017 NFL draft. Here’s a sack … with no hands.

I hate putting a commercial in the Roundup, but I’m a big Back to the Future fan.

JR Smith, absolutely gorgeous. Yes, that’s Paul George who ended up on his butt.

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