May 2nd Was...Just Another Day In The Sports Calendar

May 2nd Was...Just Another Day In The Sports Calendar


May 2nd Was...Just Another Day In The Sports Calendar


Floyd tells Manny nope

Yesterday was the greatest day in the history of the sports universe. Have you recovered yet? Probably.

Here’s a confession. Yesterday was my day off. It was 75 and sunny. I was not surgically attached to my sofa. I went to a yoga class. I went to a farmer’s market with my wife. I walked my dogs. I had dinner with my parents. The sum total of my sports consumption was about 50 minutes of Leicester City vs. Newcastle. I missed…not a whole lot.

There were two marquee events: the Kentucky Derby and Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. The confluence would have been massive, in 1934. Both remain events to be sure. But, neither sport maintains much cultural relevance, beyond lingering vestiges in the lexicon. I will never be tasked with knowing a thing about boxing or horse racing. I still haven’t looked up who won the former. Presuming it was a horse?

The Boston Red Sox played the New York Yankees in baseball. The greatest rivalry in team sports! I’m a Red Sox fan. It’s May. I didn’t watch. Fortunately, I will have 14 more opportunities to see those teams play in 2015, at least.

Game 7 in the NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers beat the San Antonio Spurs 111-109 to advance. Magnificent! This was also a first round series, notable mostly because it was the only contentious one. Last year, five opening round series went to the 7th game. I don’t have definite memories of any of them.

The NHL also had a Game 2. Last Saturday, April 25, featured four NBA playoff games and four NHL playoff games.

Barclay’s Premier League matches occurred. This has been a notably boring end to the season. The title race is over. The top four places are all but secure (unless Manchester United chokes). Relegation could still be interesting. No match yesterday proved decisive.

The NFL drafted rounds 4-7. That was not a sporting event.

Saturday May 2nd proved to be…a Saturday. And a less momentous one than pretty much any featuring college football.

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