Zion Williamson Learning How to Walk and Run Differently, Which is Possibly Concerning

Kyle Koster

Zion Williamson's freakish athleticism and skill set are undeniable. He was a no-brainer to go No. 1 and possibly become the face of the NBA for years to come. But the Duke product did not come without risk as his health was suspect and there were some questions about his future weight.

There's been some credence given to that trepidation this year as the New Orleans Pelicans forward has been unable to step onto the court. His absence has already dragged on longer than the organization hoped and yesterday brought a report from ESPN's Jorge Sedano that should give everyone pause.

"Williamson told Sedano that he "trusts the organization" in its decision-making, and he said his rehab process has been about more than just the recovery from surgery to repair the torn meniscus in his right knee. Williamson, 19, said the Pelicans are also trying to teach him how to walk and run differently -- working on the kinetic chain of his body."

Re-learning how to walk seems like a big deal. That's basic stuff. Of course, this is a cynical, pessimistic way of absorbing this knowledge. The more optimistic bent would be to wonder just how good Williamson will be as a kinetically-sound athlete.

Williamson is only 19 and there's not a ton of value in him playing at less than 100 percent this year. It's even possible that missing a ton of games will be the best thing for him in the long-run considering those durability concerns, as well as how the Pelicans will fare in the lottery.

There's still no firm timetable for his return. After all, like they say: you have to learn to crawl before you re-learn how to walk.