Moriah Mills Suspended By Twitter After Threatening to Release Zion Williamson Sex Tape

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Moriah Mills has been suspended by Twitter after repeatedly claiming she had a sexual relationship with NBA star Zion Williamson. On Monday, the ex-porn star and current OnlyFans creator tweeted that she had sex tapes of Williamson and claimed she'd release them soon.

There hasn't been an explanation for her suspension but there's a good bet it's because she was threatening to publish what would amount to revenge porn.

For weeks, Mills has been blasting Williamson on Twitter after he publicly announced his girlfriend was pregnant. Mills claims she was led to believe she was in an exclusive relationship with Williamson and only found out about his other girlfriend thanks to video posted of their gender reveal.

Williamson has had a rough past year. He only played 29 games during the 2022-23 season due to a hamstring injury that lingered for months. This offseason has been filled with the Mills drama and now the New Orleans Pelicans are shopping him in trade talks.