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Zion Williamson Left the Knicks Wondering What Just Happened After a Couple Dunks

Stephen Douglas
Knicks confusion.
Knicks confusion. /

The New Orleans Pelicans visited the New York Knicks for a classic Madison Square Garden matinee game on Sunday. It was also Zion Williamson's first ever game at MSG.

Was there any pressure on Zion? We may never know. Zion had a mostly quiet first half, but he did catch one alley-oop from Lonzo Ball during the second quarter that left Kevin Knox, Julius Randle and Taj Gibson pointing and shrugging and asking, why didn't you stop him?

Each one of them made an excellent point. How can you lose Zion Williamson in transition? Especially with Lonzo Ball bringing the ball up the court.

A few minutes later, Zion split the defense and took it to the rim where he was met by no one. Nerlens Noel can be seen wisely getting out of the way.

These are both typical reactions after most Zion Williamson dunks.