Zhang Ziyu, 14-Years Old, is 7-Foot-4 and Just Put Up 42 and 25

Stephen Douglas
Zhang Ziyu
Zhang Ziyu /

Zhang Ziyu is 7-foot-4. Really, under any circumstances, that is incredibly interesting. However, Zhang is also a 14-year-old girl so, yeah, there is footage of her being comically taller than other people her age, dominating a basketball game.

First, props to #8 on the other team for trying to win the jump ball. Then, congrats to Zhang on some impressive coordination and fundamentals. Anybody who knows an extremely tall civilian knows that those things do not just automatically come with the height. In her case, both her parents played professionally. It will be interesting to see if Zhang can live up to the Yao Ming comparisons.

If she were in the WNBA right now, she would be the tallest player in the league. Britney Griner is currently the tallest player in the WNBA at 6-foot-9. The tallest player in WNBA history, 7-foot-2 Margo Dydek, played from 1998 to 2008.