Zeke Elliott Made Five Rams Defenders Look Like Little Kids on His First Touchdown of the Season

Stephen Douglas
Ezekiel Elliott scoring a touchdown.
Ezekiel Elliott scoring a touchdown. / Harry How/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott scored his first touchdown of the 2020 NFL season on Sunday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams. Dak Prescott swung the ball out to Elliott in the flat and he got a good gain down the sideline where he was met by four Rams defenders. That's when Zeke hit the brakes, took a left turn and made half of LA's defense look like small children.

It wasn't an incredible move, just incredibly timed. They assumed he was going to go out of bounds and he decided not to do that. Four guys juked with that one move. And then he still had to break four tackles and scored with three guys hanging off him. The still images of the move are even funnier.

Zeke Elliott scored here.
Zeke Elliott scored here. / NBC
Ezekiel Elliott scored on this play. Seriously!
Ezekiel Elliott scored on this play. Seriously! / NBC

It looks like a video game glitch. Definitely the type of touchdown where you deserve to show off your trademark abs.