Zack Greinke Tells Other Team the Signs, Gets Outs Anyway

Kyle Koster
San Francisco Giants v Houston Astros
San Francisco Giants v Houston Astros / Tim Warner/Getty Images

Zack Greinke is cut from a different kind of cloth. One that would give a Project Runway contestant all types of fits and require an intervention from the unflappable Tim Gunn before transforming into a delightfully unique finished product. So if you had to guess which Major League pitcher would straight-up announce which sign sequence he and his catcher were using loud enough for the opposing team to hear, the Astros hurler would be high on the list.

And, yup, it was him.

Greinke and catcher Martín Maldonado were having a hard time getting on the same page last night against the San Francisco Giants, so they opted to communicate verbally. That six percent of communication is still important, despite what body language enthusiasts would have you believe.

The simplistic plan worked as the next pitch resulted in a flyout. But don't expect the strategy to catch on. Teams are pretty interested in gaining a competitive advantage in knowing what type of pitch is coming next. There was actually quite a hullabaloo about it in Houston recently.