Zach Dark Thirty Begins as New York Jets Quarterback Deletes Social Media Apps

Al Pereira/GettyImages

Zach Wilson showed signs of promise for the New York Jets during his rookie campaign and everyone who bleeds green and white is hoping that there's some significant growth in Year Two. The 23-year-old has proven himself to be a quick learner when it comes to being a leader — or at the very least in appearing to be a leader — as he revealed this morning that he pulls the ol' LeBron James trick at the start of training camp. Be warned: if you try to engage with Wilson on social media, especially with a tired joke about moms, he won't even seen it. Because there is one thing he's focused on and it's not who is all up in his mentions.

Such a veteran move. A great way to score easy and largely empty brownie points. Although, it's entire possible that some professional athletes are deeply affected and suffer on the field because of Twitter beefs and TikTok challenges. We live in a rapidly changing world.

Whenever we hear a story like this, though, it always begs the obvious question. If it's such an advantage to have no social media presence during the season, doesn't it stand to reason that the year-round benefits of a free and unencumbered mind outweigh using the apps during the offseason? Who will be the first Zillennial to cut the cord completely and live like some sort of throwback hermit, completely unaware of what's happening online?