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Zach Wilson Had His Helmet Ripped Off and Jaleel Johnson's Reaction Was Hilarious

Stephen Douglas
New York Jets v Houston Texans
New York Jets v Houston Texans / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

Zach Wilson is back in the starting lineup in week 12 as the New York Jets take on the Houston Texans. With Joe Flacco and Mike White on the COVID list, Wilson was the one who nearly had his head ripped off by Texans lineman Jaleel Johnson. The fact that Wilson simply allowed his helmet to be removed and continued playing is pretty impressive. Even if all he did was ground the ball a second later. It's better than an interception!

Absolutely the best part of the play was Jaleel Johnson knowing every second he had his hand on Wilson's facemask that he should let go, but it just wouldn't. Then throwing his hands up as if to give the Shaggy defense.

It's amazing officials still called it. He looked so innocent.