Zach LaVine Overjoyed to See Someone Other Than Media Members on Zoom Call

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

One collective realization over the past year is how routine it's become to spend multiple hours a day on Zoom, checking off boxes when it comes to professional responsibility. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Our ability to adapt and continue the business of business despite restrictions and safety concerns has honestly been a bit inspiring — as much as commerce can be inspiring.

On the editorial side, it's been interesting to see sports journalists continue to do great work and teams bend over backwards to ensure some level of access is maintained. Sure, there's been hiccups, but overall, there's been a lot to celebrate.

But, human nature being what it is, it never feels like something to celebrate in the moment. And while Zach LaVine is, I'm sure, generous and engaging with local media, at any given time he'd rather be catching up with friends and family via an online chat room.

The Chicago Bulls gave him that wish, whether he wished it or not, by having his loved ones pose as reporters being briefed on LaVine's first All-Star selection.

You see that, Sun-Times? Tribune? The Athletic? LaVine doesn't look at your scribes that way, does he? Has to sting a little bit once you get past the general pleasantness of the whole bit.

They should now do the opposite and ambush LaVine with a series of interviews when he's simply trying to speak to his parents. Only way to even out the universe.