Zach Ertz Cried After Sunday Night Football Loss

Ryan Phillips

Zach Ertz was emotional after his Philadelphia Eagles fell to the Atlanta Falcons Sunday night.

The Eagles trailed 24-20 late in the game but had a drive going with a chance to regain the lead. On a crucial fourth down play with 38 second remaining, Ertz caught the ball short of the line to gain and couldn’t gain the extra yardage necessary. The Falcons took over on downs and the game was over.

As he walked off the field after the game, Ertz was visibly in tears:

Here he is after the game explaining the emotion of the evening:

After giving so much of himself in the game, it’s understandable why Ertz feels emotional like that. Especially considering that if he’d run his route one yard deeper on that last play, the Eagles may have won.