Young, Idealistic Alex Rodriguez Wanted to Date Jennifer Lopez Back in 1998


MLB Network’s Intentional Talk got its hands on footage of Alex Rodriguez identifying Jennifer Lopez as a “dream date” back in 1998. They also opted to give the former slugger and aspiring king of all media a rough freeze frame, but that’s beside the point.

Congratulation to Rodriguez on achieving his dream. When you shoot for the moon, you’ll end up among the stars. Or in a relationship with one. Lopez incidentally expressed interest in A-Rod while gossiping with Andy Cohen back in 2014.

None of this should be surprising. Floating little flirtations via the media is how famous people match-make. And it is damn admirable that we facilitate for them because there are precious few other pressing matters which deserve our intention.

Not to be the fun police here, but asking young athletes who their dream date would be has always been blatantly problematic, thus it’s becoming less and less of a topic in 2019. Then again, any additional love in this world is a good thing.

Difficult, confusing times we live in.