You Won't Believe the April Fool's Day Prank Tom Brady Posted on Facebook!

Stephen Douglas

Tom Brady posted the above picture on Facebook this morning, with a caption reading, “Jordan’s crossover is no joke!” Notice how Jordan autographed his usual signature, but much bigger? Yes, that’s the major giveaway – this is a photoshop for April Fools’ Day! I know. He got me too!

Brady’s photoshop is a reference to the fact that he was seen playing basketball with Jordan while on vacation in the Bahamas. When you put that photoshop, and that caption, with that context, it’s actually quite hilarious. What he’s implying (inferring?) is that Jordan crossed him over so hard that he had to be put into a body cast at a local hospital.

Man, even Chris Paul didn’t get hurt this bad by Stephen Curry! Another dead giveaway that this was a fake. Still though, what great fun it was to imagine Tom Brady getting crossed over by Michael Jordan so badly that he had to go to the hospital with injuries to both legs and his upper body.