Yes, Cody Zeller Grabbed the Arm of Derrick Nix. No, Zeller Did Not Take Nix's Hand to Hit Himself in the Nuts

By Jason McIntyre

Cody Zeller got tapped in the balls by Derrick Nix of Michigan State Tuesday, and the incident sparked a late Indiana rally to victory. That is undeniable. You can watch these two GIFs over and over if you like.

So now the video up top emerges and everyone’s saying, “ZELLER PULLED HIS ARM, SEE! HE GOT NIX TO HIT HIM IN THE NUTS AND DRAW THE FOUL!” No. Wrong.

Zeller does grab Nix’s arm, yes, that is clear. But he doesn’t grab Nix’s wrist! You can see (in the GIFs and video) that the wrist flicks. It’s a nut shot. It’s clear cut, folks.

I can’t wait until we have to break this down all over again in the Big Ten tournament next month.