Yasiel Puig Gets in Middle of Massive Brawl After Getting Traded

Liam McKeone

Yasiel Puig has had a down year in Cincinnati, and on Tuesday night was sent to Cleveland as a part of the Trevor Bauer deal. But Puig wasn’t done as a Red quite yet. Tensions had been simmering all night during the Reds-Pirates game that was going on as the trade went down. It all came to a head with two outs in the ninth when Reds pitcher Amir Garrett charged the Pirates’ dugout.

Look a bit closer, though, and guess who ends up right in the middle? Puig.

Puig has a reputation of being a bit of a hot-head, and stood up for his teammate when he decided to go at the entire opposing team alone. His new Indians teammates surely love to see this.

Indians management probably doesn’t, however. Puig could get suspended a few games for his role in all this. He won’t be the only one, that’s for sure.