Yankees Will Engage With Every Team Ahead of Trade Deadline Except Red Sox


The historic rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees has cooled somewhat over the last decade or so. While fans of each side still passionately despite one another, there hasn’t been true bad blood between the actual teams since Varitek smushed A-Rod’s face with his glove. That started to change last season, when the Red Sox adopted a Brian Cashman quote as their rallying cry for their World Series run and defeated the Yankees en route to a championship.

It seems Cashman hasn’t forgotten. Ahead of another Red Sox-Yankees matchup on Friday, Cashman said they plan to engage with trade discussions with every team in baseball… except Boston.

This obviously isn’t a personal vendetta; while the Red Sox remain eight games back in the A.L. East, they still have the vast majority of the roster that won the World Series only eight months ago. The statement also came on the heels of the Yankees’ beatdown in Boston, losing 19-3 in an epic blowout. The Yankees aren’t inclined to send any help to the Red Sox, and it’s hard to imagine Boston feels any differently.

It’s not like the Sox have much to offer anyway; the Yankees’ biggest need is starting pitching, and one of Boston’s biggest issues this year has been a lack of consistency by their starters. Still, good to see the best rivalry in baseball is alive and well.