Yankees, Red Sox Fan Team Up on Another Yankee Fan in Bleacher Brawl

Liam McKeone
Yankees-Red Sox Brawl
Yankees-Red Sox Brawl /

The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox faced off this weekend in both team's first post-All Star Break series. Not a lot of baseball was played through Sunday due to inclement weather conditions and other factors; Friday's game was postponed after some within the Yankees clubhouse tested positive for COVID-19, and Saturday's event was cut short after six innings thanks to a torrential downpour in the Bronx.

That does not mean it was not a typically eventful series between two of the greatest rivals in sports history. A Yankee fan got ejected after hitting Red Sox left fielder Alex Verdugo with a baseball on Saturday. Then we got this video showing something most, if not all, of us never expected to see: a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan joining forces in a bleacher brawl at Yankee Stadium.

The below video, which appears to be from last night's game, proves that I am not lying to you, reader. It really happened.

I may be wrong on this count, but I believe this is a sign of an impending apocalypse. Only on the edge of the end of the world would a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan team up like this.