Overeager Ballgirl Snags Fair Ball During Yankees-Phillies Spring Training Game

Spring Training
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Spring training is a great time for everybody to warm up, from umpires to starting pitchers to designated hitters. And also ballgirls. One ballgirl was getting reps in today during the New York Yankees-Philadelphia Phillies exhibition and made a tremendous snag on a Trea Turner knock up the third-base line.

The problem is that the ball was still in play. Whoops!

A really great read of the ball bouncing off the wall there. That angle is more tricky than fielding a sluggo off the Green Monster, I've heard. And to finish the job with that stab-- really well-done. Other than the whole "in play" aspect.

Turner was awarded a ground rule double as a result of the ballgirl's enthusiasm and quick reflexes.