Giant 'Trump or Death' Flag Makes Appearance at Yankee Stadium During 'God Bless America'


The New York Yankees hosted the Detroit Tigers in the Bronx last night and everything was perfectly normal as two teams who will not be playing October baseball neared the end of their obligations. Until the traditional singing of God Bless America in the seventh inning when Donald Trump supporters unfurled an enormous flag reading "Trump or Death" from the mezzanine.

And when we say enormous we really mean enormous. There are bigger fish to fry in terms of the ramifications of all this, but it's worth mentioning that getting something like that into a stadium seems difficult.

The poor Nathan's Famous sign a few feet over was just sitting there all awkwardly wondering how it possibly found itself in this situation. Its one job is to remind people about hot dogs and how many a human can eat in 10 minutes.

Something about this railing must make it the ideal display location for pro-Trump signs. Back in 2021, two fans were ejected from hanging a Trump Won banner from the same perch. That one got a lot more reaction and led to a scuffle with stadium security.